You Will Never Forgive Yourself If You Don’t Do This to Increase Your Testosterone

Contrary to common beliefs, “Testosterone” is a hormone produced in both men and women. However, it is vital for men for the development of masculine characteristics and growth. As a man over 40, you may find that you need a testosterone booster.

Also known as the sex hormone, testosterone controls the sex drive. It also plays an essential role in maintaining bone and muscle mass, hair growth on the body, development of a mature voice, cognitive abilities, and verbal memory. Athletes, bodybuilders, boxers, etc. use testosterone boosters after 40 to remain fit. Needless to say, levels of testosterone affect the health of men.

This article is all about testosterone booster, how to increase testosterone, its benefits, and why men above 40 should use it. It is the perfect guide that highlights some common men’s problems that need addressing.

Save yourself from everyday embarrassment. Start living your life to the fullest with increased libido, fitness, and strength that you had long forgotten and given up on.

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Why Use Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone levels increase when puberty hits a child in adolescence; this is when the hormone level increases up to thirty times more. However, you will experience a decrease in the production of the sex hormone after the age of 30. It continues to decrease to some extent gradually over the years.

Men who don’t want their testosterone levels to falter use testosterone boosters to continue a healthy life, both physically and sexually. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is vital for the health of the male body; hence it to remain healthy, men may need to use testosterone boosters.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters

Healthy Circulation

Testosterone levels start to decrease very slowly after the age of 30, which is when people usually begin to feel that their energy levels are faltering gradually. Testosterone is beneficial for the heart and the circulation of blood. It also helps your production of red blood cells and the production of bone marrow.

The lower the testosterone level in your body, the more you would be open to cardiovascular risks. Although research has not yet been able to show a strong connection between the two things, research results have shown that men who used testosterone boosters saw improvements in their health and physical activity. Testosterone also widens the arteries, which results in better circulation of blood.

Boosting testosterone helps with circulation.

Healthy Muscles and No Fat

As you age, it becomes more important to take care of your health and maintain a fit body structure. One of the significant reasons that testosterone is beneficial is that it helps you build lean muscles and burn fat. Testosterone aids the process of melting fat and controlling weight.The best results of testosterone supplements are seen when fitness workouts and regular exercise accompany them. It is scientifically proven that increased testosterone increases muscle mass and bone density.

Bone Density

With increasing age, one should try to ensure healthy bones. Testosterone plays a vital role in the increase of bone mass. One of the reasons men develop osteoporosis, i.e., weakness of bones, is the lack of the hormone. Stronger bones would support the muscles well and would result in a fit body.

As the hormone affects the strength of bones and the development of lean muscles, it will, in turn, prove to enhance physical performance that is why athletes, bodybuilders, and gymnasts above the age of 40 use testosterone booster supplements.

Increased Cognitive Abilities

Testosterone affects moods, feeling, and thinking, as well. A person with a lighter spirit can easily focus on the tasks at hand and believe and deliver innovatively. On the contrary, someone who is frustrated won’t be able to perform that well. Enhanced testosterone level helps boost cognitive abilities, which include improving analytical thinking, strengthening verbal memory, and a faster pace of processing information.

Enhanced Libido

Naturally, testosterone serves to boost sexual desire, which will result in a more significant amount of sexual activity. Research proves that men who use supplements for boosting testosterone have a healthy sex life and a better performance. An enhanced libido will help your relationship grow more robust and start anew.

It also serves in a healthy male reproductive system and improves urinary health too.

Fight Negativity

Testosterone production at a more significant amount will help you with developing self-confidence, which helps in fighting depression and all sorts of negativity. It will enhance your mood so that you can focus on the better things in life, and it’ll be beneficial in resisting fatigue and frustration. You need to switch your focus from the hectic work life to the quality of life and appreciate the things you have; an improved testosterone level will help you do that.

Typical Ingredients of Testosterone Boosters

1.     Tribulus Terrestris

An herb that has been used as a source for herbal medicines for centuries. The latest research showed that it increases the sex drive and testosterone level when animals consumed this herb. It was then tested on men who had erectile dysfunction. These men saw a 16% increase in their sexual health and had no side effects. Since then, this herb is used in testosterone boosters.

2.     Zinc and Magnesium

These are the most used testosterone booster, especially for athletes who have a heavy practice and workout routines. These are naturally occurring minerals that we lose while sweating. People use these minerals to boost the low T levels as they are organic, and they do not increase the production of the hormone above a normal baseline.

Zinc and Magnesium for boosting testosterone.

Natural Ways of Increasing Testosterone Levels

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight produces Vitamin D in the human body. However, it is now used as a testosterone booster as well. Vitamin D improved the level of testosterone by 20% in men. Hence, natural sunlight is also a way to enhance the production of the hormone.

Quality of Sleep

If your sleep is disturbed for merely a week, it will lower your hormone levels. A goodnight’s sleep can also result in enhancing the production of the hormone. When the sleep cycle is disturbed, it reduces the level of testosterone produced. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle where one gets an 8-hour sleep will also improve testosterone levels.

Avoid Sugar

Research results show that sugar tends to decrease the amount of hormone produced by almost 25%. If you want to increase testosterone production, you will lay off the sugar in your diet. Read my blog, 13 Life-Changing Reasons to Cut Added Sugars.


Include exercise in your daily routine or, better yet, start following a workout routine. Working out will result in weight loss, which is good for health, especially for men 40 years of age or above—losing weight results in improved hormone production levels. Read my blog, Why Exercise is Important After the Age of 40.

The Best Testosterone Booster Supplement – Testosterone Elite

Clinically tested Testosterone Elite is known to increase hormone production, and it will help maintain your health overall. Life Extension uses only healthy ingredients in the formation of The Testosterone Booster supplement, so they won’t have any kind of side effects on the body. Utilizing this product will result in better physical performance.

Testosterone is not just the sex hormone; it controls muscle mass and bone density, and other masculine traits. Hence the product will provide you with better physical health and an increase in stamina. This supplement is a great testosterone booster for men over the age of 40. It is for someone who wants to improve his overall physical energy.

The Benefits You Will Receive

  1. Increased physical stamina: an increase in energy and strength, which results in an improved life for all kinds of activities, including sports, fitness routines, and cognitive exercises as well.
  2. Effect on mood: being healthy includes physical and mental well-being. When testosterone level is increased, it also has a positive impact on the spirit, and a lighter mood will also help develop focus. Testosterone helps in boosting self-confidence, maintaining a better attitude, helps in fighting depression, and increasing libido as well.
  3. Healthy Muscles: not being able to build a muscular body is a consequence of lower testosterone levels. It is almost impossible to burn fats with faltering testosterone levels. Enhancement supplements would also provide a better chance of burning fat and muscle formation, resulting in a fit muscular body structure.
  4. Healthy reproduction: the regular production of the sex hormone even after the age of 40 will result in a healthy male reproductive system, an increased libido, and better sexual stamina.   
  5. Money-back guarantee: with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, you have nothing to risk. Only quality products that show promising results provide such a warranty. You’ll get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product within a period of one year.


  • Promotes healthy testosterone production
  • Encourages youthful levels of free and total testosterone
  • Enhanced stamina for workouts and sports
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Increases strength and libido


Although the cons are little to none, a constant increase in testosterone levels can result in baldness, acne, sleep apnea, etc. However, avoiding such disadvantages is easy. Restricting the supplements’ usage to the directed amount and no more than the recommended limit will provide positive results.


The testosterone booster supplements are not meant to cure any disease. The product will serve consumers with regular production of testosterone, that’s all.


A healthy hormonal level helps in remaining fit and healthy. As you get older, it is expected that testosterone levels start to decrease after the age of 30. However, one begins to feel the change after 40. To maintain a healthy testosterone production level, Life Extension’s Testosterone Elite is a great option. One capsule a day, and you’ll remain fit and healthy like a stud.

Increase your testosterone level with this supplement that is made from organic ingredients, and it will help in adopting a healthy lifestyle with increased stamina and better physical performance. Testosterone is more than just a sex drug; it is vital for men’s health; it will aid the production of red blood cells, maintaining a fit body, healthy muscles, and bones, and will also help in having an optimistic point of view and living your best life now.

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