Solve Your High Blood Pressure with This NON-Fad Diet That You Will Wish You Knew About Sooner

The DASH diet is the solution to your high blood pressure problem. High blood pressure is the most caused health problem, and more than a billion people are affected worldwide, and the number is not decreasing by any chance. Even though the number has almost doubled in the last 40 years, causing severe health problems that lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and more, by the latest research study.

To help solve the problem, a scientifically proven diet is playing an important role in controlling high blood pressure, and the results are doing wonders for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. That’s why most physicians and health experts recommend their patients with high blood pressure follow certain diets as they are useful and proven beneficial in the past through scientific research. The DASH diet is a well-known solution to such problems, and to learn more about it, let’s dive into the details.

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What is the DASH Diet?

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Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, also known as the Dash diet, is recommended by health specialists to treat hypertension or, more specifically, high blood pressure, which as a result, could reduce heart disease. Generally, the diet was formulated to reduce high blood pressure while using fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. It strictly avoids salt, red meat, fat, and added sugar.

A study conducted by many researchers found that vegans and vegetarians were less affected by high blood pressure because of their diets that mainly included vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Since salt intake is the primary cause of this issue, following the DASH diet helps reduce high blood pressure issues.

Possible Benefits of the DASH Diet

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Besides preventing high blood pressure, kidney failure, and heart disease, the DASH diet offers various other potential benefits, which include weight loss, lower LDL (bad cholesterol), less chance of cancer, and more. Two significant benefits include lower blood pressure and weight loss, so let’s discuss these in more detail.

Weight Loss

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Higher blood pressure and weight loss are directly linked to each other, and that’s why when you’re suffering from high blood pressure, doctors suggest you lose weight. So, when this diet helps you reduce blood pressure, it automatically causes weight loss. In other words, the more you weigh, the higher the chances are to having higher blood pressure.

According to a study, high blood pressure patients who lost weight were clearly shown to have lower blood pressure.

Lower Blood Pressure

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Generally, blood pressure is the force exerted on your organs and blood vessels as the blood passes through them, which is counted in two numbers; systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Normal blood pressure for adults is 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg), which means their systolic pressure is below 120 mmHg and diastolic pressure is below 80 mmHg. Meanwhile, people with higher blood pressure measure 140/90 mmHg.

So, when it comes to following the DASH diet, it lowers the blood pressure of a healthy person and anyone with higher blood pressure as well. The diet is so effective that even people who didn’t restrict salt intake or lost weight also noticed an apparent reduction in their blood pressure, according to a study.

Furthermore, when the sodium intake was restricted, the DASH diet incredibly lowered blood pressure, and the results were quite interesting. However, healthy people with normal blood pressure noticed a reduction in systolic blood pressure by four mmHg and diastolic by two mmHg when following the DASH diet.

Additional Health Benefits

Studies have shown that the DASH diet not only reduces blood pressure but also decreases cancer risk, including breast cancer and colorectal. Also, it reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome by up to 81% and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. In one recent research, when a DASH diet was followed, the risk of heart disease was reduced to 20%, and stroke risk was decreased to 29%. Since the DASH diet includes fruits and vegetables, there is a greater chance of reducing the risk of many other similar diseases.

Who Should Follow the DASH Diet?

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Since the diet is clearly about reducing the salt intake, if your salt intake is high, it can be lower to offer significant health benefits. An average healthy person can also consider the diet because of its numerous health benefits: heart, kidney, and other body organs. Losing weight is the dream of many people these days, which can easily and quickly be fulfilled with the DASH diet. Similarly, eating too little salt may also be harmful, so check with your doctor before starting any diet.

Where to Get a Complete Guide About the DASH Diet— What to Eat? What to Avoid? Sample Menu for Each Week, FAQs, and More!

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You can find other guides on the internet as well, but it won’t be enough to go through the details of each day, such as what to eat on the first day, where to start, how to adjust your body to a new diet, and more. So, the ebook is compiled to help you throughout until you start getting results.

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Final Words

The DASH diet is so effective based on the numerous research studies conducted that clearly show a vast number of people benefited, resulting in lower blood pressure besides losing weight and reducing heart disease. What’s challenging is finding the best guide to follow the DASH diet, and for that, we are offering an ebook written by someone who has gone through the same condition. So, we recommend choosing the right guide, or the results may not be as quick and effective.

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