Sorry, But You’re Going to Wish You Had Used These 3 Simple Products to Protect Your Eyes from 5 Major Eye Problems When Exercising Outdoors

No matter how early you wake up for your morning exercise routine, you’ll end up facing direct sunlight. In some cases, you have to exercise before the sun sets, as your daily schedule may dictate. It will lead to exposure to sunlight which can be challenging and harmful in winter and summer. It doesn’t mean you should not exercise outside because of the fear of what the sun may do to your eyes. So, all you need is to take some precautions and use a few tools to protect yourself, such as sunglasses.

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The sunlight majorly affects your eyes, and it can lead to some severe health conditions. According to the American Optometric Association, ultraviolet radiation (UV) can cause various eye conditions, including skin cancer on and around the eye, pterygium, and age-related cataracts.

So, you have to take the necessary measures to protect your eyes besides safeguarding your skin. In that case, polarized sports sunglasses explicitly designed for outdoor exercise can protect your eyes. Let’s get into more details about protecting your eyes from the sun when exercising outdoors.

Importance of Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

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You need to protect your eyes when doing outdoor activities, either using polarized sunglasses or any other product you find suitable. Otherwise, you may face severe eye conditions that can ultimately lead to blindness as well. Even if you live in a region where the radiation is not that bad, it’s better to take necessary precautions, so you don’t have to risk your eyes. As we already know, sunlight contains harmful radiation, and UV is well known for causing eye diseases. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your eyes before they go blind or in any other condition.

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How Can UV Light Harm Your Eyes?

Problems caused to human eyes are directly due to UV radiation present in the sunlight, and here’s the list of vision problems you face when your eyes are not protected.

1. Pterygium

This condition is mainly caused by those who spend most of their day outside the house while facing direct sunlight. When this condition starts appearing, your eyes near the nose area start turning pinkish and then extend throughout the cornea.

2. Cataracts

When the natural eye lens starts turning yellowish, this disease is caused by long-term UV exposure. It can lead to vision loss but can be treated easily. More than a million surgeries are performed each year in the US to remove them.

3. Photokeratitis

If you are continuously facing issues like a sensation of grit, excessive tearing, red eyes, light sensitivity, and impaired eyesight, it’s most likely photokeratitis. The leading causes include the reflection of sunlight from snow, ice, and water. People who are most active outside are more at risk.

4. Eyelid Cancer

People who are over 50 and have had continuous, long-term exposure to the sun in the past end up facing eyelid cancer. In this condition, squamous cell or basal cell carcinomas appear on the lower eyelid. Leading causes include sensitive eyes to UV radiations and people with weakened immune systems.

5. Ocular Melanoma

It is the most common eye cancer that occurs in the melanocytes within the middle part of the eye, and more than 2,500 US adults are affected every year. It usually develops in the blood vessel layers at the back of the eye, in the choroid, and mainly in the colored part of the iris. Once again, and as always, UV radiations are directly responsible for such issues.

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Tips to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Since the effects of sunlight on your eyes are severe, the protection should also be tight to keep the eyes safe. The chances of causing skin cancer due to sunlight are far more than to the eyes. But it is just as important to protect your eyes, and for your convenience, we came up with tips to protect your eyes from the sun.

Wear a Hat

  • You need to wear a hat, having at least a 3-inch extended brim, so it entirely covers your face and the eyes.

Less Exposure to Sun

  • You can schedule your exercise and outdoor activities and try to spend as little time as possible when the sun is the brightest to avoid such conditions.

Apply Sunscreen

  • Use sunscreen around your eyes that actually protects against UV radiation, but it can protect the skin around the eyes.

Wear Polarized Sunglasses

  • The most effective and efficient way to protect your eyes is using sunglasses, so you don’t have to sacrifice spending time and doing exercises outside the house.

So, using sunglasses specially designed for protection against harmful UV radiation can be the best option. In this way, you won’t have to sacrifice spending time outdoors, and it doesn’t require a lot of complex scheduling. Still, you should consider the best-polarized sports sunglasses only because not all sunglasses are made for protecting the eyes against UV radiation.

Best Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Outdoor Exercise

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Bea CooL Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Exercise features a polycarbonate frame, triacetate cellulose lens, and scratch-resistant coating to deliver everything a person exercising and/or working outdoors requires protecting from direct sunlight. The glasses will last longer than you expect as there’s durable, high-quality shatterproof TAC material used. It is incredibly lightweight because the PC frame used is super light in weight, ideal for outdoor activities, unbreakable, and resists scratches.

Moreover, when it comes to safety, the glasses block 100% harmful UVB and UVA rays while restoring true colors with a high-density Revo coating. Also, it keeps the original color and improves visual clarity and contrast effectively. It works by eliminating scattered and reflected light, making the visuals clearer and softer. The Anti-slip rubber nose pad attached helps to prevent the glasses from dropping when you’re sweating heavily while outdoors working or exercising.

Key Features

  • Incredibly Lightweight for Comfortable Wearing
  • Durable for Prolonged Wearing
  • Ideal for Outdoor Exercise
  • Unbreakable and Scratch Resistant
  • Blocks 100% Harmful UVA & UVB
  • Lifetime Breakage Warranty

Final Thought

Since outdoor exercising is essential and there are chances of getting eye diseases simultaneously, you have to come up with the best solution. Using polarized sunglasses is the ultimate solution that will allow you to work, play, and exercise outdoors while protecting your eyes from the sun. You can try other tips as well, but you’ll have to sacrifice something in protecting your eyes, but this one is the perfect solution.

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