I Am Genuinely Curious How Much to Tip Service Providers

I Am Genuinely Curious How Much to Tip Service Providers

Have you ever wondered how much to tip your server at a restaurant?

Should you tip the person at the counter who hands you your food when it was you who went into the restaurant to pick up your food order?

What about that little plastic cup that says, “Tips” inside your local fast-food joint? Should you leave a tip?

Well, Best Men’s Health and Lifestyle is going to help you be a more sophisticated tipper. After reading this article you will never question, how much to tip a service provider.

  1. The first thing you must know is that many in the service industry rely on tips as a major contributor to their income.
  2. The second thing to know is that not all tipping situations are created equal. While the service may be the same, there may be circumstances that may require an increase in the standard tip such as tipping the delivery person who drove in a thunderstorm to deliver your meal versus it being delivered on a perfect sunny 75-degree day. Or tipping the staff at a 5-star restaurant vs tipping when eating at a national restaurant chain that is your regular Friday night family spot.
  3. Always check and verify if tipping is allowed as well as if the gratuity is already included in the bill.

Below is a chart that will help you know how much to tip for the services you receive. In addition, here is a handy dandy Pocket Card Tip Table Calculator.

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If you are in the service industry, we would like to hear from you on what you believe is the appropriate tip for your particular service.

How Much to Tip Service Providers

How much to tip

Food and Drink (F&B) Service

Dine-In Wait Staff 20% – Great Service (Pretax)
Dine-In Wait Staff 15% – Good Service (Pretax)
Dine-In Wait Staff 10% – Ordinary Service (Pretax)
Tip Jar at Fast Food JointOptional
Bartender $2 per drink / 10%-15% of bar bill
Take-out order that you pick upOptional
Take-out order that is brought to your car$2-$4 or 10% of the bill
Barista $1 per coffee

Food Delivery Service

Pizza Delivery$2-$5 or 10%-15%
Delivery Service i.e. DoorDash or UberEats10%-15%

Hospitality Service

Housekeeper$2-$5 per day (not at the end of your stay)
$10 per day at a higher-end hotel
Room Service 10% with gratuity added to the bill
20% without gratuity added to the bill
Bellhop$2-$3 per bag
$5 at a higher-end hotel
Concierge $5+ for completing request
Doorman hailing you a cab $5-$10
Valet Parking$2-$5 upfront

Domestic Service

Housekeeper$5-$10 for light housekeeping / small home
$10 – $20 for larger projects / homes
Regular Housekeeper Tip a little less, but give a nice gift/bonus at the end of the year
Doorman hailing a cab $5
Gift the same doorman $75-$100 at the end of the year

Grooming and Relaxation Services

Barber / Hairdresser 20%
Shampoo Technician $5-$10
Manicurist 15%-20%
Massage Therapist20%

Travel & Transportation Services

Airport Curbside Check-In$5 per bag / more for larger bags
Airport Shuttle Bus Driver$3-$5
Limousine Driver10%-20%
Ride Shares (i.e., Uber, Lyft) 15%-20%

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