Start Your Morning Off With a Kick: Why a Smoothie Is Best For Breakfast

Here is a fresh idea to start your day off with a kick. No, I am not talking about coffee, but a great tasting, energy-boosting, heart-healthy smoothie. Smoothies are a wonderful way to get your daily vitamins and minerals in and they will not leave you bloated and sluggish like those frozen and then microwaved breakfast sandwiches from a fast-food joint.

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There are many benefits to incorporating a smoothie into your morning routine such as smoothies are healthy, quick to make, energy-boosting; you can be creative with the ingredients, and when done properly they are low in added sugars. Also, you can learn more about the benefits of smoothies in our article, Do You Know the Health Benefits of Fruit & Green Smoothies?

Here are some energy-boosting and heart-healthy foods to create your great-tasting morning smoothie.





Dark berries (Berries, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)





Dark Leafy Greens




Chia seeds

Flax seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Benefits of Making Your Own Smoothie

The great thing about making a smoothie is that you are in control of what ingredients you add. There are a plethora of nutrient combinations you can try.

  • You can do a fruit smoothie or a green smoothie.
  • You can mix fruits with your leafy green smoothie.
  • You can add protein to your smoothie and punch it up.

You decide what goes into this great-tasting breakfast meal.

Smoothie Foundation

If you like, you can add a liquid foundation such as milk, juice, or even water. I am a big fan of keeping it simple dimple. Adding water is a safe and easy option. Because water is vital to every cell of the body, it’s a great option. Water is flavorless, so it does not affect the taste of your favorite fruits inside the smoothie. Also, water has no calories, so no added worries there.

Because you are adding water to your morning smoothie, you reduce the risk of dehydration by building up your water intake.

I also like to add green tea as a liquid foundation for my morning smoothie. Just like many of the benefits, you will gain from water, you also get the antioxidant benefits that green tea offers which help to prevent heart disease and fight against cancers. Adding green tea to your morning smoothie can help give you a bit of a boost as it contains caffeine.

There are a few things you want to take note of when making your morning smoothie.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Ingredients

You want to make sure you are not putting in too much fruit, protein, or sweetener. As a matter of fact, the great thing about making your own smoothie is that you control the ingredients so leave out the added sweeteners. Remember, fruits and veggies already have natural sugar. Be mindful of how much protein you put into your smoothie as the added protein also adds calories.

As strange as it may seem, you can have too much fruit in your smoothie. Just like proteins, too much fruit can quickly become too many calories and carbs. A good way to help not overload on fruit is to add only 1 cup of fruit to your smoothie.

Final Thoughts

Throw away your unhealthy morning breakfast and start making your own heart-healthy and energy-boosting smoothies. Stick to these helpful tips when making your morning smoothie and you will find that your energy level will increase and you will no longer be sluggish throughout the day.

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