12 Absolute Can’t Miss Anti-Aging Tips for Men Over 40

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Imagine running into an old buddy or a college school mate and the first thing they say is, “You look the same; you have not aged a day.” Well, after reading our anti-aging tips for men and taking the steps inside this article on how to fight aging you will hear that more often.

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through. It’s inevitable. But you can slow down or even reverse the effects of aging by living a healthy lifestyle and taking steps to reduce the effects of aging after 40. To give you some guidance on how to stop aging after 40, this article will outline 12 anti-aging tips for men for developing a healthier lifestyle and avoiding the negative effects of aging. Keep reading and find the bonus tip at the end that will set the clock back years on your skin.

Most men don’t take care of their skin as well as women do which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, dull dry skin, and can accelerate the aging process. Many men have bloodshot eyes, dark circles, and suffer acne breakout even after the age of 40.

Well, Best Men’s Health and Lifestyle is here to provide you with answers, solutions, and anti-aging tips for men over 40 to help you fight aging.

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1. Hydration

The first of our anti-aging tips for men is hydration – water is essential for life. It’s also crucial for keeping your body looking young and healthy. Make sure to drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Out of all of our anti-aging tips for men, hydration is essential for your health, but it also plays a major role in keeping you looking young and healthy as well. Water helps keep skin hydrated and flexible so that wrinkles do not form too quickly.

It’s important to drink about eight glasses of water per day; however, if drinking pure water bores you or doesn’t quite fill you up, try adding lemon or cucumber slices for a little flavor and added health benefits. Read my blog, Why Water is So Important to the Health of Your Aging Body.

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2. Exercise

Next on our anti-aging tips for men list is exercise. The best thing you can do for your health is to stay active! Exercise not only helps keep your heart healthy but also promotes weight loss. Regular exercise will help improve the appearance of sagging skin as well as clear up any dark circles under your eyes helping to fight back the signs of aging. By exercising in a consistent way—whether that’s working out at the gym, going for a run, or taking a dance class—you’ll be doing your skin a world of good.

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body strong and flexible while also helping to regulate your hormones and reduce stress levels.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week. If you can’t fit in a full 30 minutes all at once, try breaking it up into smaller chunks throughout the day. Exercise before work, during your lunch break, or after dinner—whatever works best for you!

But exercise doesn’t just have to mean hitting the gym or going on a run. Try being more active at home by doing something as simple as taking the stairs instead of an elevator and parking farther away from your destination to get some added exercise.

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3. Healthy Eating

For our third tip of anti-aging tips for men, we offer healthy eating. A healthy diet is just as important as a healthy lifestyle and is a key part to our anti-aging tips for men. Eating nutrient-rich foods helps keep your body functioning at its best and reduces the risk of developing diseases associated with aging.

A healthy diet is key to keeping your body looking and feeling its best. Make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins in your daily menu. Avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, and excessive amounts of saturated and unhealthy fats. By steering clear of unhealthy foods, you’ll help reduce the risk of developing diseases associated with aging.

Plus, eating a healthy diet is great for your skin! Fruits and vegetables are packed full of antioxidants which help protect the skin from sun damage and keep it looking young and healthy. Check out my blog, The Top 5 Benefits of Eating Superfoods.

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4. Stop Smoking

In our anti-aging tips for men, tip #4 will not only save your youthful appearance, but will also save your life. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health (and appearance). Not only does smoking increase your risk of developing cancer and other deadly diseases, but it also causes wrinkles and age spots.

If you smoke, make a vow to quit today—your body will thank you for it! There are plenty of resources available to help you quit smoking, including nicotine replacement therapies and support groups.

Smoking is detrimental to your health, and it’s also terrible for the appearance of your skin. With smoking comes wrinkles around the mouth area as well as age spots on the hands and face from years spent out in the sun without protection.

Spilled glass of red wine
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5. Cut Back on the Alcohol

Continuing with our 12 anti-aging tips for men we look at drinking alcohol. Drinking in moderation is fine, but excessive drinking can take a toll on your health—both physically and mentally. Excessive drinking can lead to liver damage, obesity, and even depression. If you’re regularly consuming more than one drink per day, try alternating alcoholic drinks with water or soda and spacing out your drinks throughout the day instead of downing them all at once.

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6. Skincare

As we continue with our anti-aging tips for men, this next one is vital. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to take care of it! A good skincare routine involves exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from the sun.

Make sure to wash your face twice a day (morning and night) with a gentle cleanser. Follow up with a light moisturizer to keep your skin feeling healthy and soft.

Plus, wear sunscreen when you’re going to be spending time in the sun—this is one of the best ways to protect your skin from damage caused by UV rays. This includes wearing a hat, sunglasses, or using an umbrella if it’s sunny outside. This is an important step in slowing the aging process – please read my blog, Skin Care Treatment for Men: A Must Have Routine for Healthy Looking Skin.

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7. Supplements

This next tip in the anti-aging tips for men will do you a world of good. There are tons of supplements out there that claim to help with anti-aging, but the truth is they aren’t necessary. A healthy lifestyle centered around eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise will be more effective if your goal is to fight aging naturally. If you still want to try an anti-aging supplement, make sure to do your research and talk to your doctor first.

Spoon full of sugar.

8. Cut Down on the Sugar

#8 on our anti-aging tips for men can be a hard one to do, but it is completely necessary. We all love sugar, but too much sugar can lead to unhealthy results. Sugar adds to wrinkles and dries out skin which can make you look older than you really are. You must cut down on your sugar intake. Begin to read the labels on the food and drinks you buy and avoid added sugars.

A man taking a shower.
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9. Cool It with the HOT Water

#9 on the anti-aging tips for men calls for you to cool it with the hot water. A nice hot shower after exercising or a hard day of work can be very soothing and relaxing. But that hot shower can also be very detrimental to your skin and exacerbate the aging process of your skin. Hot water will strip away the essential oils your body needs to protect your skin.

When showering use a good body wash that will hydrate your skin and be sure to rinse off thoroughly as any remaining body wash can lead to irritation and strip away natural oils.

A man sitting and meditating.
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10. Manage Stress

This next item on our anti-aging tips for men will ease your mind. One sure-fire way to age quickly and looker older than you are is by borrowing trouble.  When you allow stress to control your life, you are literally taking time off your life span. When your body releases stress hormones, these hormones are directly related to acne breakouts and wrinkles. Stress can lead to overeating which can lead to weight gain, ultimately leading to heart disease and other health issues.

To help manage your stress and reduce the effects of aging, try meditating, yoga, going for a walk, or taking regular 20-minute naps.

It is important that you find ways to manage your stress. Read my blog, Learn How Stress and Anxiety are Killing Your Health.

A man sleeping in a bed.
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11. Get More Sleep

Our anti-aging tips for men would not be complete without #11. There really is something to the saying, get your beauty rest. Something as easy and natural as getting 8 hours of sleep will help you look years younger. Lack of sleep can lead to bloodshot eyes, hanging eyelids, wrinkles, dark circles, and bags under your eyes.

In our world of fast-paced living, we must begin to slow down and get the proper amount of needed rest. When we sleep our bodies are at rest and it allows for our bodies to repair themselves and this includes increasing blood flow and helping to rejuvenate our skin. For those who have trouble falling and staying asleep, here are 10 tips to help you sleep better at night naturally.

A man smiling.
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12. Practice Better Dental Hygiene

You may be surprised with this next anti-aging tips for men. Many people may not immediately equate good dental hygiene with fighting aging. But good dental hygiene is important for all-around better health. When you have a healthy mouth with a beautiful bright white smile, it has a youthful-like effect on your appearance.

You should schedule a dental appointment at least twice a year and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Bonus Tip

In keeping with our anti-aging tips for men, here is a bonus tip, use the best men’s anti-aging cream – Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream

Out of all of our anti-aging tips for men this product is a great addition. If you’re looking for an anti-aging skincare routine that actually works, try using Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream. This two-step system contains a day cream that helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as a night cream that hydrates and repairs your skin while you sleep. Using this system daily will help reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin looking young and healthy!

Each product contains a botanical complex that helps fight free radicals and reduce inflammation in your skin to keep it looking young, healthy, and vibrant!


Q: How to use Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream?

A: You can use Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream every day—just follow the instructions on the product label. Apply a thin layer of cream each morning before going out into the sun, and then apply another coat at night after you’ve washed your face.

Q: What are the main ingredients in Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream?

A: Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream is made with a botanical complex that helps fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, improve cell turnover, strengthen your skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots, and reduce the appearance of pores. It also contains natural oils that hydrate your skin—including sunflower seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants!

Q: What are some other benefits of Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream?

A: By using Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream, you’ll enjoy firmer, healthier-looking skin that appears more toned and muscular. Your complexion will appear clearer, too—with fewer blemishes and less redness! Plus, this cream is safe for all skin types.

Q: How can I prevent wrinkles?

A: As discussed in our anti-aging tips for men above keeping your skin hydrated and healthy will ward off wrinkles in addition to using a lightweight, anti-aging cream like Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream.

This cream contains natural ingredients that help to improve collagen production in your skin and strengthen its elasticity, so you’ll reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains natural oils that diminish age spots and fade dark marks left by blemishes or acne.

Q: What are some anti-aging tips for men over 40 that are starting to see the first signs of aging?

A: First, do not panic. There is no reason for despair because there are so many things you can still do to help your body look younger than your chronological age. The second thing is for you to be sure to practice a healthy lifestyle. The third thing is for you to check with your health care providers as to whether you need any additional nutritional supplements. Finally, read and implement our 12 absolute can’t miss anti-aging tips for men over 40.

Here is a great video on anti-aging tips for men from the U.S. Dermatology Partners: Anti-aging Tips You Should Know

Wrapping Up

Setting up a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for yourself to slow down the aging process. If you are over the age of 40, there are plenty of little changes that will make your life healthier and happier, and one is to start with our anti-aging tips for men listed above.

Our anti-aging tips for men include drinking enough water each day (at least 8 glasses), exercising regularly, eating nutritious food, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol consumption, implementing a skincare treatment routine, using supplements, cutting out the added sugars, cooling it on the hot water, managing your stress, getting 8+ hours of sleep, and taking your dental health seriously.

A bonus tip to our anti-aging tips for men includes using a anti-aging cream. If you’re looking for an anti-aging solution that really works, consider using Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream. This cream is made with natural ingredients that help to promote collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fade dark spots. Plus, it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, so it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. Using Brickell Men’s Day and Night Anti-Aging Cream is a great way to round out our anti-aging tips for men.

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