8 Ways to Improve Heart Health Naturally

Is there a way to improve heart health naturally? Is a healthy heart a myth of reality? These are important questions you want to be answered.

A healthy heart is a reality for someone who builds around a healthy lifestyle while choosing an unhealthy lifestyle can force someone into turning the dream of a healthy heart into a nightmare.

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Man on a treadmill with leads on his chest to improve heart health naturally.
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What Are the Symptoms of An Unhealthy Heart?

Heart health and mental health are tightly linked, with 33% of all patients hospitalized exhibiting clinical depressive signs. Dementia and memory loss have also been linked to poor cardiovascular health. There are many symptoms of an unhealthy heart which include:

  • Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath is characterized by a constriction in the chest, trouble breathing, breathlessness, or a sense of suffocation.
  • Chest discomfort: Feeling pressure and discomfort near your chest regularly.
  • Left shoulder pain: Constant pain running down the left shoulder.
  • Irregular heartbeat: One can feel or get checked by a doctor for the issue of an irregular heartbeat.
  • Lack of stamina: One might be completely lethargic or lazy when it comes to working out or performing daily activities.

8 Ways to Improve Heart Health Naturally

Among the most essential aspects of living a full and healthy life is to keep your heart healthy by all-natural means if possible. Below are some of the various strategies that can help improve heart health naturally:

A man holding weights.
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1. Get Active

One of the best ways to improve heart health naturally is by getting active. Walking is a cardiovascular workout that is one of the simplest methods to enhance your regular exercise while also improving your heart health naturally.

Physical exercise aids in improving heart health since it boosts blood circulation in your body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach your organs. Walking to work or with a buddy for exercise can help you improve your bodily functions.

Exercise also enhances your lungs’ capacity to take in oxygen, decreases blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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No smoking sign.
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2. Say a Big NO to Smoking

Cigarettes can harm your cardiovascular and blood vessels over time. It can lead to heart disease and stroke. The chemicals in cigarette smoke develop atherosclerosis and thicken the blood in the arteries making it difficult for blood cells to pass through the arteries and other blood vessels to reach essential organs like the heart and brain.

It could cause blood clots, which can result in a heart attack, stroke, or even death. Never starting to smoke is the greatest approach to protect your heart from illness and heart disease.

If you currently smoke, start now taking steps to stop. Meet with your doctor to ask for help. Not smoking is a great way to improve heart health naturally.

A bowl filled and surrounded by fruit.
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3. Eat More Heart-Healthy Foods in Your Diet

One of the most important ways to improve heart health naturally is with a healthy diet. Approximately one-third of all fatalities globally are caused by heart ailment. Nutrition has a significant impact on heart health and can influence your risk of cardiovascular disease. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and collard greens are noted for their high vitamin, mineral, and antioxidants content.

In reality, specific meals can affect blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels, all of which are heart disease risk factors. Studies have shown that eating a lot of berries can lower various risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish may significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Dark chocolate.
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4. Choose Dark Chocolate Over Milk Chocolate

The impact dark chocolate may have in enhancing heart health is one of the most important advantages given by experts. Flavonoids, which are secondary metabolites of plants that function as antioxidants and may have a significant role in the treatment and heart health, are found in dark chocolate.

According to studies, chocolate boosts neuronal activity in parts of the brain linked with enjoyment and incentive and enhances a person’s mood. Antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage while helping to fight off illness.

So, eat more dark chocolate to improve heart health naturally.

A plate of small portion food.
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5. Stop Overeating

Meals cause fluctuations in blood flow, which can lead to a faster heart rate. Blood pressure might also rise because of overeating.

Overeating is when you eat past the feeling of being full. Whenever you eat too much, your system must work extra hard to maintain your digestive system.

In order to accommodate the meal, your stomach must grow. It produces hydrochloric acid to aid in the digestion of meals, which can cause heartburn.

Certain fatty foods are very hard on the heart. Exceptionally large meals with bad fats may raise your risk of a heart attack in addition to contributing to elevated cholesterol levels.

Not overeating is a healthy way to improve heart health naturally.

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6. Don’t Stress

Another way to improve heart health naturally is to manage your stress. Stress can be caused by physiological factors such as a lack of sleep or an illness. Long-term stress has been linked to an elevation in blood cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar levels, and blood pressure, according to research. These are significant heart disease risk factors.

Chronic stress can also trigger changes in the body that increase plaque development in the arteries. Even mild stress can result in cardiac issues such as a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle.

This is a situation in which the heart is deprived of sufficient blood and oxygen. Long-term stress can also impact the way blood clots. This thickens the circulation and raises the risk of a heart attack.

A man and woman sitting and meditating.
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7. Practice Deep Breathing  

Deep breathing exercises are a great way to improve heart health naturally. Deep breathing is among the most powerful stress-relieving strategies. Multiple studies have demonstrated that deep or diaphragmatic breathing can lower blood pressure and lower heart rate. The vagus nerve is stimulated by this type of breathing, which decreases the “fight or flight” reflex that generates anxiety and depression.

This allows you to control your emotions and psychological stress, helping you to effortlessly calm yourself down in a matter of minutes. You may enhance your general health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing your anxiety levels.

One of the many ways to keep your heart absolutely healthy and fit is by keeping up with your regular doctor visits.    

A man sleeping face down.
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8. Get 7+ Hours of Sleep

As you sleep your body is at rest. While your body is at rest so are your heart and your blood vessels. When your heart is at rest it does not require a large amount of work to pump blood throughout your body as when you are awake and active, thus sleep is a great way to improve heart health naturally.

When you are awake, active, or even stressed your heartbeat is faster to meet the demands of the straining cells. This is a cause of high blood pressure leading to chronic heart disease.

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Bonus Tip: The Simple Seven

7 simple ways to improve heart hearth

Final Thought

Taking care of your heart is one of the most important things you will do. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US and the world for both men and women. More than 50% of men die of heart disease.

Implementing the 8 steps above can help you improve heart health naturally without medication or medical intervention. When you naturally strengthen your heart you save money, time, and more importantly, your life.

A great way to improve heart health naturally can literally be done while you sleep. To get better sleep, Chilisleep is your best bet.

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