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The Best 10 Running Shoes and Brands for Under $100

There are many great brands of running shoes out there, so many in fact that to say one brand is king and greater than the others would be a falsity. The design, engineering, and development of running shoes have come along way and all the top brands offer great quality and value. 

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Learn How Stress and Anxiety Are Killing Your Health

Are you late for work or an important meeting because you are sitting in traffic and continuously checking the time? This scenario will shoot your entire day and affect your stress hormones. The effects of stress and anxiety and their impact on your health can be dangerous for you.  The effects of stress and anxiety may damageContinue reading “Learn How Stress and Anxiety Are Killing Your Health”

Benefits of Steaming Vegetables for Improved Health and Wellness

Ok, so this may not be the sexiest topic, but vegetables are a vital part of health and wellness. You will not find a better source for the body’s requirement for vitamins and minerals than fruits and vegetables. Vegetables not only offer a rich source of nutrients, but they come in a variety of colorsContinue reading “Benefits of Steaming Vegetables for Improved Health and Wellness”


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