HydrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

Every Sip Counts

A man drinking water, Smart bottle. HydrateSpark.

HydrateSpark smart water bottle believes in unlocking the power of water for all-for optimal health, more energy, clearer skin, and a better life.

HidrateSpark smart water bottles create a customized hydration goal based on personal parameters, track your water intake, sync with popular fitness trackers including Fitbit and Apple Watch, and glow to remind you to hydrate.

HydrateSpark smart water bottle is the leading brand in the smart water bottle market, even powering Mayo Clinic and National Institute of Health-funded research studies.


Capacitive sensing technology, measures changes in electrical field caused by the presence of water, to measure the height of liquid contained within the bottle.

8 colored LEDs line the sensor which create an eye-catching glowing effect within the bottle to remind you to drink water. 

Internal memory on the sensor stores up to three days of drinking history if phone connection is interrupted.

Woman drinking water. Smart bottle. HidrateSpark.
  • HidrateSpark 3 is the easiest way to introduce positive habits into your life.
  • Glowing reminders and text notifications keep you on track.
  • Connect with friends within the app for extra motivation and map your progress daily, weekly and monthly.
  • The HidrateSpark 3 smart Bluetooth water bottle, paired with the Hidrate App, is the easiest way to track your hydration.

Here Are 5 Important Reasons to Drink Water for the Health of Your Aging Body

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