The Heart Health Benefits of Coffee

People consume coffee mostly to battle with the laziness of early morning or afternoon fatigue. However, it’s hard to imagine a day without coffee. It’s a gift from heaven. Caffeine perks you up and several antioxidants make you healthy and refresh you within minutes. Coffee is the most popular beverage but is drinking coffee goodContinue reading “The Heart Health Benefits of Coffee”

Why Water Is So Important to the Health of Your Aging Body

People seem to carry water bottles everywhere they go to remain hydrated. When your water intake is less than your water output, you become dehydrated. However, dehydration is a common problem in a warmer climate, during strenuous exercises, high altitudes, and with older adults. Dehydration is a severe condition leading to heat stokes, sudden death,Continue reading “Why Water Is So Important to the Health of Your Aging Body”

The 5 Health Benefits of Golf for Adults Aged 50 and Over

Golf is a timeless game with lots of benefits for those of us over the age of 50. It’s an ageless game not only great for social and health benefits but also mental peace. Most adults or retirees should start playing golf for exercise and fun as it’s a great outlet. It’s a way toContinue reading “The 5 Health Benefits of Golf for Adults Aged 50 and Over”

Why Exercise is Important After the Age of 40

Exercise for those of us aged 40 and over becomes even more important as we continue to age. No matter how much or how little you exercised in the past, it is never too late to start again. But what is important is that you and I commit ourselves to improve our health starting now.Continue reading “Why Exercise is Important After the Age of 40”

The Best 10 Running Shoes and Brands for Under $100

There are many great brands of running shoes out there, so many in fact that to say one brand is king and greater than the others would be a falsity. The design, engineering, and development of running shoes have come along way and all the top brands offer great quality and value.  Because there isContinue reading “The Best 10 Running Shoes and Brands for Under $100”

Learn How to Get Great Abs

You want your abs to be ripped like the cover of a Muscle and Fitness magazine model. But when you Google how to get a six-pack, the return of information is very overwhelming. The bulk of information you find mostly pertains to all the many different types of ab exercises you can perform. I tooContinue reading “Learn How to Get Great Abs”

How I Lowered My High Blood Pressure in 5 Easy Steps

I am one of the millions in the world that suffer from hypertension or what is better known as high blood pressure (HBP). I recently got serious about fighting my high blood pressure when I suffered a really bad headache for three consecutive days. The pain was so severe that I planned to go toContinue reading “How I Lowered My High Blood Pressure in 5 Easy Steps”

Learn How to Walk Yourself to Better Health

I literally broke my way into the joys and benefits of walking as an exercise and I love it! I broke my foot a week before Christmas, wait, let me rephrase that accurately. My foot was broken by a distracted driver who drove over my foot as I stepped off a curb. After several monthsContinue reading “Learn How to Walk Yourself to Better Health”