13 Life-Changing Reasons to Cut Out Added Sugars

Sugar has been lately used in every food and drink, even in sauces. That’s why it has reached an alarming situation as sugar has many disadvantages related to your health. In the past decade, sugar consumption has abruptly increased. According to a recent study, Americans consumed about 11 million metric tons of sugar between 2020/21Continue reading “13 Life-Changing Reasons to Cut Out Added Sugars”

10 Teas That You Should Try Because of Their Enormous Benefits

Since tea is one of the most consumed beverages, it’s necessary to know how it reacts to your body and what you get out of it. As there are many kinds of tea and each one has its own benefits, it’s vital to know each one in detail, so you can decide which one youContinue reading “10 Teas That You Should Try Because of Their Enormous Benefits”

Less Food, Same Price Shrinkflation: The Ultimate Guide

Does it feel as if you are not getting as much bang for your buck at the grocery store? Does it seem as though you are paying the same price or perhaps more for products that are getting smaller and smaller in quantity and size? What you are experiencing is known as Shrinkflation. Yes, ShrinkflationContinue reading “Less Food, Same Price Shrinkflation: The Ultimate Guide”

How Much To Tip Service Providers

Have you ever wondered how much you should really tip your server at a restaurant? Should you tip the person at the counter who hands you your food when it was you who went into the restaurant to pick up your food order? What about that little plastic cup that says, “Tips” inside your localContinue reading “How Much To Tip Service Providers”

3 Great Healthy Eating Styles Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Vegan Diet

The three types of diets, which include Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Vegan diets, have become very popular in this era. There’s a lot of confusion between them among many people. Somehow, they are not sure which one to choose because they are unaware of their differentiation. That’s why we have compiled information on these diets toContinue reading “3 Great Healthy Eating Styles Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Vegan Diet”

What’s in a Name: The Meaning of Food Labels

I wrote a blog not too long ago, Understanding Food Labels: A Matter of Life and Health, and in my blog, I discussed the importance of reading and understanding the nutritional labels placed on our foods and drinks. I was recently asked about food labels and I thought this would be a great time toContinue reading “What’s in a Name: The Meaning of Food Labels”

5 Benefits I’ve Learned About Superfoods

If you have never heard the term superfoods, it’s ok, you’re not alone. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are super good for you especially for those of us over the age of 40. Superfoods are mostly plant-based that includes fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains just to nameContinue reading “5 Benefits I’ve Learned About Superfoods”