5 Habits of Healthy People Over the Age of 40

Habits are when you do something so much that it becomes routine without even thinking about it. We routinely brush our teeth twice a day, drive to and from work without complicated planning, and we have even formed a lifestyle filled with healthy habits after the age of 40. Wait… you do practice healthy habits?Continue reading “5 Habits of Healthy People Over the Age of 40”

14 Ways To Get Clear Eyes

Do you see red when you look into the mirror? Are your eyes bloodshot? Red eyes are caused by small blood vessels on the surface of the eye that becomes enlarged with blood. The area of the eye that is white and can become red is called the sclera. While your eyes can be anContinue reading “14 Ways To Get Clear Eyes”

The Importance of Sleep for Better Health

Are you a night owl like me but also have to wake up early to get your day going resulting in the infamous ‘5 more minutes’ being your daily morning mantra? Well, this article is just for you. I used to work late hours, being awake all night and then dragging myself around in theContinue reading “The Importance of Sleep for Better Health”