14 Ways To Get Clear Eyes

Do you see red when you look into the mirror? Are your eyes bloodshot? Red eyes are caused by small blood vessels on the surface of the eye that becomes enlarged with blood. The area of the eye that is white and can become red is called the sclera. While your eyes can be anContinue reading “14 Ways To Get Clear Eyes”

The 5 Health Benefits of Golf for Adults Aged 50 and Over

Golf is a timeless game with lots of benefits for those of us over the age of 50. It’s an ageless game not only great for social and health benefits but also mental peace. Most adults or retirees should start playing golf for exercise and fun as it’s a great outlet. It’s a way toContinue reading “The 5 Health Benefits of Golf for Adults Aged 50 and Over”

Learn 3 Important Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life

Meditation has become a common practice, especially among older adults. The main reason is mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, which are common among those over the age of 40. People need a quick way to keep themselves centered with inner peace besides maintaining physical health. That is why many will try differentContinue reading “Learn 3 Important Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life”

Learn How Stress and Anxiety Are Killing Your Health

Are you late for work or an important meeting because you are sitting in traffic and continuously checking the time? This scenario will shoot your entire day and affect your stress hormones. The effects of stress and anxiety and their impact on your health can be dangerous for you.  The effects of stress and anxiety may damageContinue reading “Learn How Stress and Anxiety Are Killing Your Health”

The Importance of Sleep for Better Health

Are you a night owl like me but also have to wake up early to get your day going resulting in the infamous ‘5 more minutes’ being your daily morning mantra? Well, this article is just for you. I used to work late hours, being awake all night and then dragging myself around in theContinue reading “The Importance of Sleep for Better Health”

How I Lowered My High Blood Pressure in 5 Easy Steps

I am one of the millions in the world that suffer from hypertension or what is better known as high blood pressure (HBP). I recently got serious about fighting my high blood pressure when I suffered a really bad headache for three consecutive days. The pain was so severe that I planned to go toContinue reading “How I Lowered My High Blood Pressure in 5 Easy Steps”

Learn How to Walk Yourself to Better Health

I literally broke my way into the joys and benefits of walking as an exercise and I love it! I broke my foot a week before Christmas, wait, let me rephrase that accurately. My foot was broken by a distracted driver who drove over my foot as I stepped off a curb. After several monthsContinue reading “Learn How to Walk Yourself to Better Health”